Nordic Research Network Oy (Ltd)

Nordic Research Network (NRN) Ltd conducts clinical trials of vaccines. NRN was founded in 2007 by Professor Timo Vesikari and he has been the CEO of the company until present. All clinical trials performed by NRN are limited to adult volunteers. Three large clinical trials have been conducted by NRN in 2007-2019. All studies have been done at the study clinics of Vaccine Research Center of University Tampere (presently Tampere University). The studies in chronological order are as follows.
  1. Immunogenicity and safety of avian influenza vaccine (Novartis)
  2. Efficacy of zoster vaccine (Zostavax) in 50-59 old persons (Merck)
  3. Immunogenicity and safety of novel trivalent (preS1, preS2, S) hepatitis B vaccine Sci-B-Vac by VBI vaccines, Canada. Two study protocols were done in 2017-2019. Results of the first study (PROTECT) are shown at Sci-B-Vac.

Timo Vesikari CV

Professor Timo Vesikari, MD, PhD, is the Founder and CEO Nordic Research Network (NRN) Ltd. He has been Director of Vaccine Research Center (VRC) at University of Tampere from 2004 to 2019. His previous positions with the University include Professor of Pediatrics (1981–1987) and Professor of Virology (1991–2012).

Timo Vesikari is a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases with particular research interest in virology and viral vaccines. His research work has significantly contributed to the introduction of rotavirus vaccine into childhood vaccination programs worldwide. Timo Vesikari has worked with World Health Organization in 1988–1990 and been a member of many WHO committees over the years. He has published over 350 peer reviewed articles and co-edited a textbook on Pediatric Vaccines and Vaccinations (published 2017).

VRC under the leadership of Professor Vesikari has conducted many pivotal vaccine trials leading to the licensure and implementation of several vaccines in addition to rotavirus vaccines. These include single and combined varicella vaccines, herpes zoster vaccines, live attenuated influenza vaccine, adjuvanted non-live influenza vaccine, pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, new hexavalent infant vaccines and meningococcal vaccines.

NRN in association with the University of Tampere has conducted three major clinical trials from 2007 to present. These studies have been on avian influenza vaccine, live herpes zoster vaccine and, lastly, a new hepatitis B vaccine. All studies conducted by NRN have been in healthy adult volunteers ≥ 18 years of age.

Professor Vesikari’s current research interest is development of norovirus vaccines. He is a co-owner of a patent on a combined rotavirus VP6 and norovirus VLP vaccine.

Portrait of Professor Timo Vesikari painted by Alexandre Bakharev in 2009. This painting depicts Timo Vesikari’s contribution to development and implementation of vaccines for children of the world.
Professori Timo Vesikarin muotokuva (Alexandre Bakharev 2009) heijastaa hänen kansainvälistä tunnettuuttaan lasten rokotteiden kehittäjänä ja rokotusten edistäjänä.